Credible, supportable and independent analysis.

Forensic Resolutions, Inc. is a forensic and investigative accounting firm, providing solutions to complex business problems and insurance claims. The firm has extensive experience in the fields of economic damages, fraud investigations, claims assessment, among other areas of service. Simply put, we quantify the financial aspects of matters that are in dispute, held to a forensic standard.

Our team of professionals can serve as either consultants or experts in a matter. Forensic Resolutions’ core service areas include:

  • Litigation Services - Economic damages
  • Insurance Claim Services
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Forensic and Investigative Accounting
  • Litigation Services
  • Insurance Claims
  • Fraud/Corporate Investigations
  • Forensic & Investigative Accounting

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“We apply an investigative mindset to engagements and are professional skeptics. Each case has its own special set of problems and solutions.”